Meet our Team



Our 50 multinational and multidiscipline staff are a showcase for 21st century collaboration and team work. We engage our staff throughout all levels of the company, building teams to enable professional development in a supportive and fun environment.


James Roy

Managing Director

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Gary Rossall

Engineering Manager

> Meet Gary Rossall

Lee Archer

Principal Project Manager

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Alex Meredith Hardy

Principal Naval Architect

> Meet Alex Meredith Hardy

Simon Brealey

Principal Engineer – Mechanical

> Meet Simon Brealey

Andy Douglas

Principal Engineer – Structure

> Meet Andy Douglas

Adrien Thoumazeau

Research and Development Coordinator / Naval Architect

> Meet Adrien Thoumazeau

Matteo Magherini

Business Development Coordinator - Naval Architect

> Meet Matteo Magherini

Ellis Karsenbarg

Marketing Coordinator

> Meet Ellis Karsenbarg