Towards Zero


The decarbonisation of the marine industry stands as one of the foremost challenges of our era. This challenge, however, is not impeded by technology; indeed, we possess the technological capability to construct and operate ships with net-zero and zero emissions, whether they are large-scale commercial vessels or cutting-edge superyachts.

The real impediment lies in the practical availability of net-zero or zero-carbon fuels—an infrastructure challenge that necessitates a solution. In the commercial marine sector, this solution will accelerate when regulatory pressures and economic incentives align.

Should the superyacht industry merely participate in this journey, or should we be bolder and accelerate solving the challenge for ourselves?

In short should we build our own fuel production, bunkering and distribution network?

Start small, think big, and take a long-term view.

What would it entail?

What would it cost?

Is it even feasible?

Well, how long have you got? 

5 Minutes: Read the article in 'How to Build It'

15 Minutes: Watch the narrated presentation. 

1 Hour: Download the full text of the paper below. 

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