Project Sleigh Rider


Leading Naval Architecture firm, Lateral, have today released details of a radical new technical platform, Project Sleigh Rider to be delivered to a mystery buyer later this month. Details of the client remain under tight non-disclosure, however we are able to bring you details of the ground-breaking technical platform that underpins this exciting new build project.

The engineering of the yacht presented the Southampton based company with several significant challenges. Managing Director, James Roy gave the insight that, “The operational profile of the yacht is highly unusual, spending 364 days a year moored in extreme high latitudes, and then being used on an intensive world-wide cruise on the course of a 24- hour period, demanding a total rethink or propulsion and energy generation technologies. "

This factor became the primary focus for the company resulting in the development of a radical new energy architecture and propulsion concept. Simon Brealey, principal mechanical engineer comments, “We spent a significant amount of research and development time investigating radical options, and our final choice came down to a system powered either by Reindeers or Unicorns. It was a tough call, but we concluded that the Technology Readiness Level of Unicorns is very limited, and the choice of Reindeers offering the greatest flexibility. The advanced system incorporates future technology Pixie Dust power converters driving pudding motors via super-conducting fairy-light cabling. "

Additionally, the structural development of the yacht also has a significant challenge. Andy Douglas, principal structural engineer explains, “The yacht has some unusual functional requirements in relation to loading and unloading large quantities of toys and other luxurious gifts. The large shell opening and high deck loads have demanded Lateral research new structural materials, and following extensive laboratory testing a new high tensile form of Norwegian Spruce has been created. "

The yacht is in the final stages of construction and due for delivery to its owner on the 24th of December, When she will embark on her inaugural cruise world-wide. We can reveal under tight confidentiality that the yacht will be in your area on the evening of the 24th or early morning of the 25th.


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