The LIFE Platform


Leveraging a virtuous circle design.

The end of 2018 saw the delivery of the motor yacht Bravo Eugenia. She is built by Oceanco based on the LIFE platform developed in collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects. This study defines the LIFE platform (i.e. Long, Innovative, Fuel efficient, Eco conscious) its key features and outlines its fundamental design pillars. The relative merits of main parameters are assessed against a typical similar sized yacht by use of baseline fleet data. LIFE’s low weight in relation to length and reduced powering requirements combined with a hybrid propulsion system result in a virtuous circle at which the centre is the single tier engine room. The benefits of the single tier layout such as the higher flexibility in designing the accommodation spaces and the improved balance between technical and luxury areas are outlined. In this context, various designers’ LIFE platform interpretations are provided as examples for discussion. The LIFE hybrid propulsion system is presented and the various modes of operations for which the hybrid system is conceived are discussed.

The LIFE Platform Technical Paper.pdf  

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