Inception Platform


Inception Platform

Inception is a technical platform with engineering architecture intended to offer greater creative flexibility to the industry's design community. Inceptions aim is for engineering to enable designers to challenge the paradigm of layouts which are frequently constrained by technical arrangements.

To achieve this the Inception platform leverages technical innovation via an innovative energy architecture based on batteries as the primary source of onboard power. Lateral call this E-Hybrid; a system which allows the varying power demands of a modern superyacht to be seamlessly met. Diesel engines are provided for battery recharging only, and the system enables diesel generators to be selected purely on the basis of efficiency and optimum energy density. This brings advantages to overall architecture efficiency, flexibility of layout, noise and vibration, maintenance and operational effectiveness. These positive attributes allow for a far more compact system arrangement than traditional diesel electric, thereby offering more design options to clients and designers.

Lateral invited the design studio of Isaac Burrough Design to apply their creative design talents to conceive a design on Inception to Challenge The Paradigm of layout and configuration, with equally futuristic styling. 

More recently, the Inception platform is also incorporated within the 65m project SEE, designed by Gill Schmid Design .

Despite the two designs being based on the same technical platform, therefore using identical naval architecture philosophy, the aesthetics and General Arrangement Plans developed ignite different types of emotions and attract the imagination of different clients and lifestyles whilst still remaining aligned with the overall platform architecture.

Electrification is the gateway to future technologies.

• Noise – silent mode at anchor and underway
  Flexible in operation
• Optimized generator loading
• Future proof
• Compact design to fit on a single deck
• Enhanced spatial efficiency and layout

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