Free From Bulkheads Platform


Free From Bulkheads Platform

Lateral developed it's Free From Bulkheads (FFB) platform with the intention of challenging the status quo of the technical backbone that has evolved in modern yacht development over many decades.

We asked ourselves how the user experience could be elevated by creating a technical platform where, above the waterline, there were no evolved constraints, no watertight bulkheads. 

We started by imaging a skateboard. A simplistic representation of our aspired outcome; below the board's deck are all the necessary machinery, above the deck anything is possible, unconstrained by the technical parts.

Using parametric modelling, and applying some lateral thinking to our methodology, we explored an extensive matrix of possibilities, searching for the solution space of feasibility.

The technical platform, Free From Bulkheads, provides the solution to achieve the skateboard philosophy. An unconstrained deck, adjacent to the waterline, giving the potential for greater design innovation in layout and ultimately an elevated user experience.

We invited renowned design studio, Michael Leach Design, to help us illustrate the platform and provide a glimpse into what is possible when engineering enables design innovation.

Download our book on FFB to find out more about our platform and to understand the perspective of the designer; thanks to a write up from Michael Leach Design on how it was to work with the platform, along with a GA and more. 

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