Initiated by and with exterior and interior design from SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design, project AQUA utilises 100% alternative fuels to present a technically audacious view of a zero emissions future. With a length overall of 112m and a GT of 3,530, AQUA has been developed around a hydrogen-electric propulsion and energy system architecture.

Following extensive research and development into numerous alternative fuel options, Lateral selected a 28 tonne capacity liquid hydrogen system powering proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Additionally, an innovative propulsion system integrating a central gondola with a contra rotating propeller (CRP), together with twin vertical axis propellers (VSP) is proposed.

‘TREADWATER’ - Novel combinations of existing technology

AQUA is fitted with Lateral’s TREADWATER propulsion concept, an example of the technical innovation pillar. This combines existing and proven technology in a novel application to deliver a system that provides the ultimate yacht manoeuvrability whist simultaneously improving efficiency. The TREADWATER system combines the use of 2 Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) units and a single Contra Rotating Propeller (CRP) resulting in:

• Ultimate precision manoeuverability for harbour and DP operations. Superior response compared to pods due to instant thrust in any direction from VSP units.
• No rudders or propeller shaft drag. Improved propulsion performance. Efficiency gains of 9% at range speed and 7% at top speed.

HULL FORM – Challenge The Paradigm

The main dimensions of AQUA challenge the norm. Her waterline length is very long compared to her gross tonnage (volume), and therefore weight. A high length to displacement ratio brings significant benefits to the hull form development:

• Wider freedom and effectiveness of hull optimisation.
• 30% reduction in resistance compared to a similar volume yacht of typical dimensions.
• Inherently good seakeeping and comfort performance.

For more information, download the AQUA book.

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